Craving the hot submarine sandwiches to enjoy on a solo basis or with the family? If yes then the Firehouse Subs menu or firehouse menu is waiting for you here. Here in this article, we are providing our readers with useful information on the menu and prices of this specific restaurant chain. With this information, we believe that the visitors of the restaurant chain will be able to make their smooth visit to this restaurant chain. They will subsequently avail best of the restaurant’s menu for their ultimate food cravings within their budget.

Firehouse Subs menu

Firehouse Subs is a well-known casual food chain American restaurant that comes from the province of Florida. The restaurant chain has been offering food services in the country since 1994. Most of its outlets are based in the region of the USA and some others are also serving in Canada as well. There are more than 1200 store outlets of the restaurant that are currently active in the food services across all its outlets. Being a proper food chain restaurant all its outlets work on a franchise basis.

Firehouse Subs Menu and Prices

Well, the outlet of any restaurant is best known primarily for its menu only which is always the subject matter among the visitors. Any visitor will visit the restaurant because of the specific menu of the restaurant. The same thing goes with the Firehouse subs menu and as the name suggests the menu of the restaurant is primarily casual. The submarine sandwich is the trademark item of the restaurant’s menu which makes it complete.

At all outlets of the restaurant, you can explore the wholesome range of submarine sandwiches in your favorite flavor. In fact, there is the customization flavor option is also available and with that, you can get to enjoy your favorite flavor in the sandwich. This exclusive and unique feature makes the menu of the restaurant a pure hit among visitors. Besides, there are the other casual meals and the drinks also available as complementary items to enhance the taste of casual foods.

Hot Specialty Subs

BBQ Cuban Sub
Hook & Ladder®
Turkey Bacon Ranch™
Firehouse Meatball®
Sweet & Spicy Meatball
Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket™
New York Steamer®
Club on a Sub™
Firehouse Steak & Cheese™
Firehouse Hero®
Order Any Hot Sub Cold


Firehouse Subs Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is the starter meal of the day and is also significant for most of us for our whole day. This is also the reason why availing of a healthy breakfast should always be a high priority for all of us. At the outlet of Firehouse subs, all the visitors can enjoy the early casual breakfast meals during their early hour’s visit. Ths restaurant offers some healthy options to its visitors in its submarine sandwiches. These options come in limited calorie consumption and are highly ideal for breakfast deals. Consequently, all our foodies here can simply make the most of these healthy breakfast meals in their early morning cravings.

Build Your Own Sub

Smoked Turkey Breast
Premium Roast Beef
Corned Beef Brisket
Grilled Chicken Breast
Tuna Salad
Small Subs


Firehouse Subs Lunch Menu

Lunch is the main course of the meal and is significant for those who tend to eat out the big meal of the day outside. For those visitors getting the best lunch menu becomes a significant requirement. Firehouse subs is a casual food restaurant that although doesn’t offer big meals to visitors however still has something to offer in the lunch schedule. For instance, one can enjoy the chicken tenders, starters pack, salads, the whole category of subs, milkshakes, and other drinks as well. This whole package of the lunch menu makes it quite a decent deal for all the visitors to enjoy.

Firehouse Pairs

Five-Cheese Mac & Cheese with small Hook & Ladder®.



Italian with Grilled Chicken Salad™
Firehouse Salad®
Hook & Ladder Salad®



Standard Platter
Deluxe Platter
Chopped Salad
Classic Salad
Deluxe Salad Platter
Cookie Platter
Brownie Platter
Half Platter – Subs & Salad
Deluxe Half Platter – Subs & Salad
Half Platter – Subs & Snack
Deluxe Half Platter – Subs & Snack
Dessert Combo Platter
Deluxe Rookie
Deluxe Lieutenant



Hot Grilled Cheddar Cheese
Hot Meatball
Hot Turkey & Provolone
Hot Ham & Provolone


Firehouse Subs Menu with Prices

The information on the menu and prices is highly vital for all the visitors of the restaurant for all right reasons. As a responsible visitor of the restaurant, one should have the pricing information for the food item that one wants to enjoy. Since the restaurant offers a wide variety of submarine sandwiches thus getting the information about its prices becomes prominent. Here we are compiling the whole pricing information for the whole menu of the restaurant.


Side Salad
Five Cheese Mac & Cheese
Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Firehouse Chili
Firehouse Funds® Gift Cards



The Firehouse Subs is always the first choice for all those who wish to enjoy the favorite taste of a submarine sandwich. This is the place where visitors can get to enjoy what they exactly crave in their sandwiches. All the outlets of the restaurant prepare the sandwich from the scratch and use the high-quality ingredients. You can definitely consider visiting this restaurant chain as on solo or with family basis at any time of the day.

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