Love the special trademark barbecued style chicken and other casual full meal items? Take a look at Dickey’s barbecue menu here and explore the ultimate taste of barbecued meals for yourself. The article is going to talk about the menu and prices of this particular restaurant. It provides the up to date and extensive information on the same to guide all our visitors. So as a prospective visitor to the restaurant you will find some useful information for yourself from the article.

Dickey's Barbecue menu

Dickey’s Barbecue is the prominent name of a casual food restaurant chain that comes from the region of Texas. It’s widely known as the chain of barbecued restaurants due to its niche in the food restaurant industry. The restaurant is primarily operating only in the region of the USA with its nearly 500 store outlets. You can therefore find its store outlets easily in the prominent provinces of the country. All of the outlets are operating as franchise units that maintain the universal menu under the same name.

Dickey’s Barbecue Menu

Well, if you are someone who loves the barbecued style of casual and proper meals then this is the restaurant for you. You can here explore pretty much all kinds of American cuisine and another meal menu in the same style. Some of its highly popular items from the menu are beef brisket, smoked meat, pork, sides, chicken tenders, drinks, beverages, etc. All of these items are highly popular as the key items by the visitors. You can explore other prominent items that can fit your taste in the perfect manner.


Nell’s Macho Nachos $5.95 – $8.95
Queso Dip $2.95 – $5.29
Guacamole Dip $5.95
Mom’s Bean Dip $5.29
Stuffed Poppers $5.95
Lone Star Flautas $6.45
Tejano Chicken Fingers $6.95

Texas Quesadilla

Amarillo Quesadillas $6.95
Chicken Quesadillas $7.95
Fajita Quesadilla $8.95
Spinach Quesadillas $7.95
Smoked Brisket Quesadillas $8.45
Vegetarian Quesadillas $7.95

Dickey’s Barbecue Breakfast/Dinner Menu

All the outlets of Dickey’s barbecue operate around the clock which means you can avail all kinds of meals from breakfast to dinner. The restaurant has some light and healthier meal items in its breakfast to serve the early hour visitors. In the same way, one can also avail of the comprehensive meals in its lunch and dinner menu. Here below are the specific breakfast and dinner menus of the restaurant for all the visitors.

Other Stuff

Black Bean Soup $3.25 – $4.25
Dinner Salad $3.95
Taco Salad $7.95
Fajita Salad $8.95
Texas Cheese Steak Sandwich $8.45
Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.95
Amigo Burger $6.25 – $6.75

Amigos Specials

Chicken Taquito dinner $8.25
Vera Cruz $8.25
Chile Rellenos $8.95
Chicken Parrilla $9.95
Grilled Chicken Breast $9.95
Tamale Dinner $8.95
Chimichanga $8.49 – $11.95
EL Leon $9.95
Came Caliente $10.95
Lone Star Chimichanga $11.95
Bistec Tacos $9.95

Amigos Famous Fajitas

Amigos Sizzling Fajitas $12.95 – $23.95
Veggie Fajitas $10.95


Mom’s Favorite $8.95
Tampico Dinner $9.95
Mexican Dinner $9.95
Santa Fe Dinner $11.95
Combination Plate $9.95
Liberation $11.95


Tulia Style $7.95
Veggie Burrito $7.95
The Cozumel $8.95
Del Rio $9.95
Shredded Beef Burritos $9.95

World Class Enchiladas

Cheese Enchilada $9.49
Beef Enchilada $9.49
Chicken Enchilada $9.49
Spinach Enchilada $9.49
Shredded Beef Enchiladas $10.99
L.B.J. (Large ‘Bodacious $9.95

Dickey’s Barbecue Menu with Price

The menu and prices related information are highly relevant for all the visitors to the restaurant. It’s quite a common tendency that most of us tend to have a basic idea about the pricing for the menu of the restaurant. It provides the basic idea of the restaurant’s menu along with the respective prices. Subsequently, the visitors can find and choose the ultimate meal for their budget and taste. Here below is the comprehensive list of menus and prices for Dickey’s barbecue restaurant.


Homemade Sangria $1.00
Amigos Famous Tex-Mex Margaritas $1.00
Frozen Strawberry Margaritas $1.00
Frozen Sangria Margarita Swirl $1.00
Cold Draft beer $1.00
Longneck Domestic $1.00
Mexican and Imported Beer $1.00
Wine by the Glass $1.00
Mixed Drinks $1.00
Coffee $1.00
Tea $1.00
Soft Drinks $1.00
Milk $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00


Homemade Flan $3.95
Sopapilla $3.95
Mud Pie $3.95
Mexican Fried Ice Cream $3.95
Strawberry Surprise $3.95

What is Tex-Mex

Red Salsa
Green Salsa
Brown Salsa


Well, there is no doubt in acknowledging the fact that Dickey’s barbecue is a popular place for barbecue meals offering. The restaurant is a very hot choice for most Americans around the region. They typically visit the restaurant with their friends and family to enjoy the unique barbecued style of the meal. We thus definitely recommend the restaurant to enjoy and explore the ultimate barbecued meals packages.

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